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   Barefoot News!
Laurie Corles completes her first 25 mile endurance ride!

Laura Bovee Photo

   Saturday January 31,2004, Laurie Corles of Cave Creek Arizona completes her first ever 25 mile endurance ride astride the Arabian mare Just Spintowin. Laurie, a long time resident of the Phoenix area and avid horse enthusiast, has always wanted to give endurance riding a try. When Kirt Lander her Natural Hoof Care Specialist offered to loan her one of his endurance horses and come and have some fun with he and his wife Gina at the annual LAND OF THE SUN endurance ride in Wickenburg AZ she jumped on the opportunity.

   The mare Spintowin decends from race inspired Polish breeding and was sired by the famed Arabian Stallion SW DAWID. When Laurie was asked how her ride was on "Spin" she remarked "The ride was very exciting as Spin wanted to really go in the early part of the ride." When asked what was the most exciting part of the ride she said, "my heart fluttered when we missed a turn on the trail and Spin spun very quickly to correct the error in direction.  I think she would be good reining horse."

  Spintowin is eight years old and has never been shod. She completed the 25 mile, moderately rocky course wearing modified Swiss Horse Boots on the front hooves only.

Read more about Laurie's experience here.

Copyright 2003,  Kirt Lander