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What is a Performance Barefoot Horse?

   A performance barefoot horse is that which is used in an athletic manner above and beyond the usage of the average pleasure horse. A horse capable of performance on par or above that of the shod horse. A horse involved in performance competition such as endurance riding, flat track racing, barrel racing, Jumping, cutting, reining, Dressage etc.  In addition, credit must be given to the hard working ranch horse and the very active pleasure/trail horse that spends much time out on the trail.

   While completely barefoot is considered to be the ultimate state of performance, we must not discount the performance of the booted barefoot horse. A horse that is booted when working still benefits from natural circulation and enhanced shock absorption due to the retained elasticity of the hoof capsule and the shock absorbing characteristics of the boot, benefits that the fixated hoof of the shod horse can only dream about.

Copyright 2003,  Kirt Lander